Celebrating World Thalassemia Day 2018

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SEPLAA Foundation celebrates the Worlds Thalassemia Day today by creating awareness about this disease and its cure.
Thalassemia is on the rise in Pakistan and the statistics indicated that about three to four thousand children are born with the more virulent form of the disease.
According to statistics, Dr. Salma Sheikh in The Nation(Feb,2018) reported that, annually an estimated 6,000 Thalassemic children are born in the country, of them 60 to 70 per cent succumb to Hepatitis- B or Hepatitis-C and die before reaching the age of 10.
This day is therefore celebrated with the hope that this would increase awareness amongst the general public and an effective prevention measure to have a control on this disease. It is pertinent to motivate the common public especially the youth for the blood donation in order to support the people suffering from thalassemia.
It is also vital to encourage the youths for the pre-marriage test to get diagnosed about this problem and prevent this disease to get inherited among new generations.
The cure for this disease is a bone marrow transplant.

From the collective efforts, it is hoped that we are able to make the community, society, nation and world free of thalassemia and other inherited blood diseases.