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Donate plasma for Covid-19

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Lahore- The Corona virus pandemic is almost out of control now in Pakistan. Since mid March 2020, most work has come to a standstill. More than 2,700 people have died, more than 3000 are critical and there are over 144,000 confirmed covid-19 cases in Pakistan. The next few months are going to be crucial. In this very difficult time, if you are one of the… Read More »Donate plasma for Covid-19

LBC to move to Seplaa Hub Community Centre

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As of 2021, the SEPLAA Foundation will be housed in the Seplaa Hub, a social enterprise green co-working space being created for business and community activities. You can support ‘Life, Blood & Compassion Community’s’  continued presence at the Seplaa Hub by purchasing  a brick by way of donation to our causes and by spreading the word. This will allow us to be able to continue… Read More »LBC to move to Seplaa Hub Community Centre