An Encouraging Update on the Shahid Zubair Family

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-Lahore, July, 2019.

by Ammara Farooq Malik

To those of our friends who helped me, my husband Farooq and daughters Amal, Dina and Zaina raise some resources for the family of Mr. Shahid Zubair in 2015, there is an encouraging update about the family and where your contribution went.

Last year I emailed them to get an update about their situation. And a few weeks back I got a response on facebook. I am not creating a story out of the messages, just posting them up as I got them and responded to them. I do want to thank again all those friends who sent in funds on the call of my family and would send you a thousand prayers back in return. Your help, enabled a family in extreme distress, get the opportunity to get a diagnosis in the US and the hope to get some kind of treatment. The lives of the children are happier now since they have some help and the worries of the parents are decreased somewhat. But there is no doubt that the family is still in a lot of difficulty and any support that can be given to them in the US would be so welcome.

The facebook conversation:

Shahid Zubair -SZ: Assalam waalaikum WRB. Sister I apologize I was notable to reply your email and informed you about our update. Alhamdolilah we reached US, we tried for Nida operation but we were late and it’s very costly. We applied for residency and Alhamdolilah ww got approval. Children also got Medicaid and getting good management treatment from hospitals. Ahmad and Eman has started schooling. Initially it waa very hard time.But now Alhamdolilah things are settling down gradually. Your help and prayers are one of major factor for us. We shall remain in touch with you in future inshaAllah.  Say our special regards to Farooq bhai and love to kids. With bundles of prayers.

Ammara Malik- AM: WAS Shahid bhai, I am so happy to know about this development. I pray for Nida, Ahmad and Eman and for all of you and Saher to bring you ease.

After a few days…

AM: AOA. I would like to post an update about your position on the website: 
And then put up a post about it on social media. This is because a lot of people who helped you through my network in 2015 still ask me about all of you. I think they will feel reassured to know if their contribution went towards helping ease your lives or that of the children in any way. And I think this will encourage them to help others then too. Thanks and jazakAllah.

SZ: Ji sure. I shall try to provide you maximum info and what reliefs children are receiving due to your great support. We can never forget your precious efforts, prayers, wishes, motivations and support for our family.

AM: Do you think the initial visit to the US in which my friends and I helped, made it possible for you to move to the US?

SZ: Ji ofcourse it was base for our diagnosis and now support treatment

AM: Are they under going any treatment?

SZ: Ji various supportive treatment costing thousands of dollars is going on

AM: And do you have to pay for any of this?

SZ: Each one got specialized wheelchairs costing 80000 dollars each ,breathing support equipment 25000 dollars for each. Physio therapies, specialized clinical visit coverage by US govt
Ji only living cost, all other state is covering
AM: That is wonderful! But how did it happen? I remember you were all so worried.
SZ: Each one is getting physical care assistant for 8 hours daily paid by staye
Rub is the source, he is great (God is the source, He is great)
AM: Beshak. There is no doubt. 🙂
The children are undergoing some experimental treatment. Please keep them in your prayers!

Update April 2020:

The family has been granted US green cards and are now settled in the US where they are able to get the required support for the children. They still have huge struggles but being able to give the children, the medical support facilities they need, they are in a much better position! This could not have been possible without the generous support of all those who contributed to their cause through the SEPLAA Foundation and let then go to the US for their first preliminary medical checkup.  JazakAllah for all your contributions!

Some pictures of Nida, Ahmad and Eman in their new home in the US: